Calling all Ute Lovers!

Ute lovers will be heading to Tocal Field Days for the 10th annual ute muster.

To be held on Sunday May 5 and there are categories to suit every ute enthusiast from the best feral ute to the best classic ute.

New for 2018 – “peoples choice”.

The new categories introduced in 2014 will continue again in 2019 – the very popular Sound off – for both V6 & V8.

Gates are open for utes from 6.00am – 9.00am.  Gates are closed at 9am and reopen at 4pm.

Pre-entry is recommended.

For further information download the Ute Muster Entry Form.

Entry tickets

  • download the  entry form and supply payment details
  • we will process the application and forward tickets to your postal address in April.