Tocal Field Days - Map

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The map has colour coded sections and the following legend will help you locate the different areas on the map and to understand which area you belong in.


Most exhibitors fall under this category,and areas such as Land, Plants & Environment, Lifestyle Marquee and Children’s Park are included under this category.

Community Caterers

Not for profit organisations, sporting clubs and schools are eligible to be a community caterer. Community Caterers pay for the footprint of ground they use (including any coolrooms etc), power and entry passes. There are no post event percentages payable.

When calculating site cost, please multiply $3 per sq metre

Good Food & Wine

Good Food & Wine sites are for exhibitors showcasing wine and value added produce from the area.

1 Additional Site; Half price + $50

Innovation Marquee

The Innovation Marquee is for new or improved products or innovations. Site are generally inside a marquee but outside space for demonstrating is available at no additional charge.

Commercial Caterers

Commercial Caterers and Coffee stalls do not complete this form, please complete the Commercial Catering Tender Form.


You must make at least 75% of the product you are selling in order to be eligible for this area.

1 Additional Site; Half price + $50


Health and Safety sites are $205 for Societies and Associations. If any money is distributed to benefit an individual the commercial rate is applicable. Commercial exhibitors are eligible for this area for a fee of $360.


Societies and Associations displaying and selling animals and associated products and where all monies are retained by the group (and not subsequently distributed to individuals) are eligible for the subsidised rate of $170. If monies are distributed to individuals or you are a commercial operator the fee payable is $360 per site.

Application Form

Business Details

Business Name - name to appear in guide book

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Address to post entry tickets to (Important! All tickets will be posted to this address 4 weeks prior to the event)

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Site Selection

Additonal Sites


Exhibitors hooking into power they have not booked and paid for will be charged an additional fee of $100 plus the per outlet cost.


Days Required

Water is water required for?

When is water required?

Good Food & Wine


If this is not selected no horse yards will be provided. You cannot bring your own horse yards.


Our forklift driver will be available from Tuesday April 29 from 7 am to Monday May 3 at 4 pm. Please give an indication of the date and time when you will require this service.


(1 person 1day) - you already get 6 one day passes per site (except caterers)

Note: Visitor Car Parking is free.

You must be available all 3 days. Please complete the 'EOI Demonstrations & Lectures Booking' form available on the website.

Exhibitor Vehicles On Site (not including exhibits of vehicles)

If you agree to the above conditions and a vehicle on site is absolutely essential to your exhibit we may at our discretion issue a permit for this. A fee of $50 is payable. In any case only one vehicle per application. Exhibitors or your staff driving on site when the event is open will have the pass revoked.

If you have ticked all of the above provide your registration details.

Public Liability Insurance - copy must be supplied

Product Listing for the Official Program

Please select up to three categories.

Exhibiting Conditions

Other Requirements? Question?

Once we have allocated you a site we will forward you an invoice for payment.
If none of your preferred sites are available we will contact you to discuss alternatives.
Return exhibitors have first preference on the site they occupied last year up until 14th November